New: Answer-to-Your-Prayers Therapies Now Available @ Slim For Life :

  • Lose 2 to 8 Sizes in 6 weeks – guaranteed with Cold Laser Lipo Body Contouring – we have the state-of-the-art cold laser technology – at least 10x better than anyone else in town (or state) this revolutionary new process will change your life for the better, permanently!
  • Results are GUARANTEED and PERMANENT! Call today to schedule a preliminary consultation and custom designed program just for you!
  • Why Look Old – When You are Still Young @ Heart?  Fine lines, wrinkles, sag, blotches…got you down? No worries, we can iron-out your situation in little or no time with Dr. Mark’s 3-simultaeous therapies in 1 system: Laser – builds collagen and elastin, MicroCurrent – tightens and retrains tissue above and below the surface, Ultrasonic – deep cleans and removes trapped fluids…your skin never had it soooooo good:).
  • These new modalities are all part of our expanded reAge-u-cation practice.
  • Join us Friday November 30th 5 pm for an introduction to Dr. Mark Reiheld, MD as he explains reAge-u-cation and what he can do to help you look younger, feel better, turn your sexy back on, and put the cougar back in the cat:). Space is limited – RSVP Please.

Primary Therapeutic Services
•    TheraLumen Immune Laser
•    Deep Tissue Pain & Injury Repair Laser
•    Acupuncture, Miracle Energy & Light Therapy
•    Electrowave Foot Regeneration
•    Ion Foot Baths

Diagnostic Services
•    Chinese Face Analysis
•    Chinese Tongue Analysis
•    Thyroid Screening
•    Iridology
•    Kinesiology Muscle Testing
•    Extensive Nutritional Screening

Wellness Coaching
•    Nutritional & Correctional
•    Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging

•     Weight Loss
Total Control Program
Transcend Appetite

•    Raw Exposure
Desserts & Snacks
Shakes, Smoothies & Juices
Easy & Simply Raw Meals

•    Fitness
Vibracizer – Tone, Tighten, Build
10 minutes a day = 30 min. in the gym!
Use it here or adopt one for home.