ion foot bath

How does it help one to detox?

When the system is switched on and the feet are immersed in the water, the energizer emits a positive and negative Bio-Energetic current which travels through the body, rebalancing it. The ionic exchange that takes place between your body and the footbath has a stimulating and balancing effect on the bio-energetic fields of the body. A less healthy body has a more positive charge, whilst a healthy body is negatively charged. The Ionic Detox Foot Bath balances your body to have a more negative charge. The result is that your body can detox safely and at its own pace, by mobilizing residues and wastes stored within the body. This detoxification happens mainly after treatment and is likely to take place via the organs of detoxification i.e. the kidneys, liver and skin. Many people are often convinced that the system ‘pulls’ toxins from the body, however, this is not the case, the system stimulates and re balances the body, therefore enabling it to eliminate toxins much more efficiently both during and after the treatment.

Ionic Foot Bath Benefits:

  • Improve lymphatic circulation and boost immune function thus increase the body’s ability to fight infections, inflammations and cancer
  • Enhance the function of the detoxifying organs such as the liver kidney , colon, skin and lungs
  • Improves sleep and memory function
  • Clear up energetic blockages/unblock the energy flow in the meridians
  • Decrease recovery time after injuries, surgeries and disease
  • Help repair tissues
  • Helps relieve headaches, arthritis and joint pain